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The very special episodes that also happen to be the very queer episodes! Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about the LGBT-focused episodes of classic sitcoms and not-so-classic sitcoms, hosted by Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin.

Nov 24, 2021

“Turkey in a Can” (November 24, 2013) Why did the fourth-season Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s Burgers make some people think Bob Belcher is bisexual? In short, it’s a single line — “I’m mostly straight” — but the real answer is a more complicated one that has to do with the show’s queer sensibility, its overall gentle nature and the fact that Bob is a TV patriarch who operates differently than Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. Who's the real sloppy bear?

Read the Mary Sue’s piece on Bob Belcher being a bi icon, which is probably the best-written argument in favor of this.

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