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The very special episodes that also happen to be the very queer episodes! Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about the LGBT-focused episodes of classic sitcoms and not-so-classic sitcoms, hosted by Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin.

Apr 26, 2018

"Killing All the Right People" (October 5, 1987)

In one of the most devastating sitcom installments ever aired, Sugarbaker & Associates plans the funeral of a young gay man dying of AIDS. This is *VERY* *SAD* episode, and we want you to know that it might choke you up, should you be the type who listens at the gym. That...

Apr 19, 2018

"Homer's Phobia" (February 16, 1997)

Hot stuff, coming through! At long last, Homer Simpson asks the difficult question, "Hey, what if Bart is a homo?" This episode has none other than John Waters on hand as the primary non-Smithers Springfield queer, and the result is one of the better gay outings of the entire '90s....

Apr 12, 2018

"Rough Housing" (August 24, 1979)

You probably remember The Facts of Life, but you may not know that the show's first season introduced a whole slew of characters who wouldn't make it to season two and also that the first-ever episode dealt with Blair's homophobia toward a tomboyish classmate that didn't even turn out...

Apr 5, 2018

"My Brother's Keeper (January 13, 1973)

Actor and comedian Sam Pancake joins Glen and Drew to talk about this third-season episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, in which the last-minute revelation that Phyllis' brother is gay gets the biggest laugh of the show. That said, this is a sweet take on a gay episode that aired...