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The very special episodes that also happen to be the very queer episodes! Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about the LGBT-focused episodes of classic sitcoms and not-so-classic sitcoms, hosted by Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin.

Oct 31, 2023

Happy Halloween! You're getting this week’s episode one day early because it is, in fact, a Halloween episode.

“The Stranger” (October 25, 1985)

Benson may have been a more conventional sitcom than Soap, the show it spun off, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its exceedingly weird moments — including this...

Oct 28, 2023

Want to watch this episode, which is not streaming and is hard to find online? You can do that right now on the GEE Patreon!

“Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween” (October 28, 1998)

It didn’t want to be Friends. It really tried to give the cast real jobs, at the very least. But in the end, Two Guys, a Girl...

Oct 25, 2023

“Dark and Stormy Night” (October 28, 1994)

We’ve talked before how Family Matters has a more liberal take on typical hijinx than most sitcoms, but the show’s sixth season Halloween episode went full on Dracula — by which we mean Francis Ford Coppola. It’s really ambitious! And Hariette has never looked...

Oct 18, 2023

“D&D” (November 18, 2021)

Beware the gay ghost!

 What are the odds that when your friend writes a book about Baron von Steuben, allegedly gay Revolutionary War hero, there would also be a current sitcom that features a gay Revolutionary War character? Pretty slim, we’d say! But this happy coincidence allowed us to...

Oct 11, 2023

“The Puppy Episode” (April 30, 1997)
After a great deal of self-reflection, we decided that maybe it was worth discussing the most famous episode of Ellen Degeneres’ 90s sitcom, even if it is the most analyzed piece of LGBTQ-centric television ever. Whether we were correct in thinking this remains up to you,...