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The very special episodes that also happen to be the very queer episodes! Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about the LGBT-focused episodes of classic sitcoms and not-so-classic sitcoms, hosted by Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin.

Trailer 3.0

May 29, 2022

It's just a new trailer, for promotional purposes. Please go about your day.

May 25, 2022

“Janet(s)” (December 6, 2018)
Spoiler warning: We totally spoil The Good Place, so if you have not seen it and want to go in fresh, go do that!
It seems weird that The Good Place was a show on a broadcast network at all, much less one that ran for four seasons and gave viewers so much to think about. Perhaps...

May 18, 2022

It’s our 150th episode, and we’ve decided to celebrate this milestone with something different: a hot takes episode, where we share our pop culture hot takes and we also share hot takes submitted from our listeners. Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that you will find all takes equally hot, nor can we guarantee that...

May 11, 2022

“A Real Guy’s Guy” (October 25,1991)
Hear us out here: Coach is a good sitcom even if you don’t like football. In fact, Drew likes Coach even though he actively despises football. This fourth-season episode has Craig T. Nelson’s character reacting to news that one of his players is gay, and it’s actually...

May 4, 2022

“And Baby Makes Four” (November 3, 2003)

Before she was the literal mom on Blackish, Tracee Ellis Ross was the glue holding the figurative family together for eight seasons on Girlfriends. Drew and Glen are joined by Jennifer Eden to discuss why Ross is maybe one of the better examples of showbiz royalty and why...