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The very special episodes that also happen to be the very queer episodes! Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about the LGBT-focused episodes of classic sitcoms and not-so-classic sitcoms, hosted by Drew Mackie and Glen Lakin.

Jun 29, 2022

“Roomie for Improvement” (November 4, 1992)

Al Borland is not gay. This episode makes a point of saying that he is a heterosexual, despite how many of his (comparatively) immasculine qualities might indicate otherwise. However for some, Richard Karn’s sensitive flannel man is an example of a kind of guy some of us...

Jun 22, 2022

“A Fine Friendship” (February 6, 1995)

One hundred episodes later, we return to The Nanny to find out what happens when Fran Fine mistakes a straight guy for a gay guy. This episode essnetially works as an inverse to the first Nanny episode we covered, right down to Fran being horrified by a gay-seeming person...

Jun 15, 2022

“Halloween” (October 30, 1996)

Considering that every other major Must See TV sitcom did at least one gay episode, it’s surprising that NewsRadio didn’t — especially when you consider the fact that its lead actor, Dave Foley, jumped straight to NBC from Kids in the Hall, which experimented with gender and...

Jun 8, 2022

“Game Night” (December 12, 2017)

Right off the top of the bat, we need to admit that yes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show about cops. There’s no getting around that. We try our best to discuss how to weight its copaganda status against every other aspect of the show, and while we’re not going to try to sell anyone...

Jun 1, 2022

“A Fish Called Selma” (March 24, 1996)

In this episode, The Simpsons send up the glass closets of Hollywood and what some actors are willing to do to pass for “normal.” Troy McClure explicitly says he’s not gay, but the way the industry treats him for not fitting the leading man mold and what he does to...